Moving people and elements

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Management principles

Our management principles

Focussing on solutions

We focus on solutions in the way we act and set ourselves challenges.
Our yardsticks: instead of accepting problems we ask for proposed solutions. We welcome change and think it through collectively. We allocate tasks on the basis of ability and check that they have been understood.

Personal initiative

We promote initiative on the part of our staff and give them responsibilities and authorities.
Our yardsticks: we create scope for initiative on the part of our staff. We set clear, level-appropriate and time-limited assignments. We regularly conduct open discussions with our staff.


We ask for obligation and reliability.
Our yardsticks: if there are problems meeting a deadline, we inform those affected at an early stage. We provide positive feedback when people live up to obligations and reliability, and negative feedback when they do not. We concentrate on the essentials and set priorities.


We provide level-appropriate and prompt information.
Our yardsticks: we adapt the content and style of our communication to the needs of the target group. Information is coordinated and provided promptly. Whenever possible, we communicate personally and offer people the opportunity to ask questions.

Acting as role model

We set an example to our staff for what we expect of them.
Our yardsticks: we are open to criticism and ready to analyse and change the way we act. We actively seek feedback from trusted colleagues and/or staff. We regularly make time for our management principles.