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Waste water and sewage

Waste & sewage water pumps

FEX 80 - Kugel Ø 50 - 2900 1/min

Die Abwasser- und Fäkalienpumpen mit Einkanalrad zum effizienten Fördern von Abwasser mit Feststoffanteilen

FEX 80 - Kugel Ø 80 - 2900 1/min

Robust sewage and faeces pump with optimised single-channel hydraulics


Waste water and sewage pumps with clog-resistant swirl impeller


Waste water and sewage pumps with in-built macerator system. Enable pumping of faecal matter into small pressure pipes (DN40).


Tough sewage pumps with maceration system and float switch for pumping waste water containing faecal matter into pressure pipes