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ModulA... BLUE T2 with flanged connection

The Biral ModulA is a star performer in terms of energy saving and cost efficiency that sets the efficiency standard for the future.

  • Product range
  • Application area

    From the 25-4 with a maximum 4 mWS to the 40-18 with a maximum 18 mWS there are enough choices on offer to perfectly fit the demands for precisely regulated operation in a multi-occupancy residential property, a hospital, a school, an office building or a hotel.

  • Arguments
    • Biral Remote enables configuration and analysis of the ModulA using a smartphone.
    • The heat insulation shells used as standard minimise installation time, reducing related costs.
  • Operating philosophy

    Know one, know them all. Biral pumps offer customers a major advantage: whichever one they buy, they know they are getting a familiar product that they can operate easily without having to read pages of complicated instructions. The Biral product family guarantees an identical control concept and maximum user-friendliness across the entire range.

  • Energy efficiency

    With EEI ratings from ≤ 0.17 the Biral ModulA pumps are categorised as “best in class”. Compared with conventional non-regulated pumps in efficiency class D, energy and cost savings of 80% and above are possible.