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PrimAX 32-4 180 RED

The PrimAX boasts an above-average energy efficiency and standardised Biral control concept, which has been adopted from the ModulA/VariA. Various additional functions, such as the flow rate indicator and the unblocking system, make the pump a top product.

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Article Number: 2205450150

  • Technical specifications
    Nominal width DN 32
    Flow head H max. 4 m
    Overall length 180 mm
    Threaded connection G 2"
    Operating pressure max. 10 bar
    Media temperature min. + 2°C
    Media temperature max. +110°C
    Ambient temperature 0°C bis 40°C
    Net weight 1.8 kg
    EEI ≤0.16 EEI
  • Electrical data
    Voltage 1x230 V
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Power P1 3-18 W
    Nominal current 0.03-0.15 A
    Motor protection integrated
  • Included in the scope of delivery
    Heat insulation shell
    Biral Connector and angled connector
    AFM seal