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PrimAX 25-3 130 RED

The PrimAX boasts an above-average energy efficiency and standardised Biral control concept, which has been adopted from the ModulA. Various additional functions, such as the flow rate indicator and the unblocking system, make the pump a top product.

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Article Number: 2205320150

  • Technical specifications
    Nominal width DN 25
    Flow head H max. 3 m
    Overall length 130 mm
    Threaded connection G 1 1/2"
    Operating pressure max. 10 bar
    Media temperature min. + 2°C
    Media temperature max. +110°C
    Ambient temperature 0°C bis 40°C
    Net weight 1.8 kg
    EEI ≤0.15 EEI
  • Electrical data
    Voltage 1x230 V
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Power P1 2-15 W
    Nominal current 0.03-0.12 A
    Motor protection integrated
  • Included in the scope of delivery
    Heat insulation shell
    Biral Connector and angled connector
    AFM seal