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ModulA-D RED T2 with threaded connection

The ModulA-D double pump from Biral is designed for standby or alternating operation and has been the champion in terms of energy saving and economy since the beginning. With the new Bluetooth interface via the Biral ONE app, the operating and information options have multiplied.

  • Product range
  • Application area

    The ModulA range of pumps offers the appropriate solution for practically every performance class and area of application. Be it circulation pumps, air conditioning/chiller application pumps or service water pumps.

  • Arguments
    • Biral Remote enables configuration and analysis of the ModulA using a smartphone.
    • The heat insulation shells used as standard minimise installation time, reducing related costs.
  • Operating philosophy

    Know one, know them all. Biral pumps offer customers a major advantage: whichever one they buy, they know they are getting a familiar product that they can operate easily without having to read pages of complicated instructions. The Biral product family guarantees an identical control concept and maximum user-friendliness across the entire range.

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  • Energy efficiency

    With EEI ratings from ≤ 0.17 the Biral ModulA pumps are categorised as “best in class”. Compared with conventional non-regulated pumps in efficiency class D, energy and cost savings of 80% and above are possible.