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Waste water and sewage

Waste water pumps


Die Mehrzweckpumpe aus hochwertigem rostfreiem Edelstahl, für transportablen und stationären Einsatz, mit und ohne angebauter Niveausteuerung. Zur Förderung von leicht verschmutztem Wasser mit Festbestandteilen ohne aggressive Beimengungen.


The SW pumps are ideally suited to irrigation and drainage tasks in clean or soiled water, including with abrasive sand and sludge contamination.

Waste & sewage water pumps


The waste water and sewage pump with single-channel impeller for efficient pumping of waste water containing solids.


Waste water and sewage pumps with in-built macerator system. Enable pumping of faecal matter into small pressure pipes (DN40).


Tough sewage pumps with maceration system and float switch for pumping waste water containing faecal matter into pressure pipes.


Waste water and sewage pumps with clog-resistant swirl impeller.

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