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What infrastructure does the Campus offer?

The Biral Campus has a seminar room equipped with the latest technology.

The showroom shows all the current product range and in the practical room all Biral pump designs can be seen in action in full flow. The Campus also provides a forum for open discussion in the spacious cafeteria and is highly prized as a meeting place and venue for industry-specific events.

Training room

The Campus provides basic and advanced training on topics relating to all aspects of pump technology. In courses individually tailored to your requirements, we can offer you an insight into the industry unlike anything you will find anywhere else.


In the showroom you can see all the products in the current Biral range and what makes Biral an expert, full-range provider in the pump industry.

Meeting place

The campus provides a space for open discussion among aspiring and established experts. Talk shop to your heart's content and discuss the latest trends in the business. Use the Campus platform as a meeting place for your association or a venue for industry-specific conventions.


The Campus practical room shows all Biral pump types in action. The room has a tank in which you can see our products for open-systems working. And a variety of circulation system models provides more insight into heating and drinking water systems.

You can find more information about the demonstration models here:

Demonstration models