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About the Campus

What is the Campus?

As the leading Swiss pump manufacturer, Biral has established the Biral Campus as a centre of excellence for qualification and training right across the industry.

This is where Biral communicates knowledge from the world of pump technology and provides a space for open exchange of ideas. Production of Biral high-tech pumps can be followed step by step on the Campus and Biral pumps can be watched in full flow.

Campus is knowledge

The Biral Campus provides knowledge from the world of pump technology. Engineers, system planners and installers can learn about the latest technological developments in courses conducted by our highly qualified experts. The knowledge acquired can be applied easily and effectively in their every day work.

Campus is interaction

The Campus provides a space for open discussion in the pump industry. You can discuss problems and new developments with industry experts. And there are online tools that provide help with calculations and dimensioning. The eDocuments tool ensures you can quickly find the information you need.

Campus is experience

From the raw material to a Biral pump: find out how our high-tech products are manufactured step by step. Learn all about the different material flows and innovative processes that our products go through in production to ensure the high quality of Biral pumps.

Campus is education

Watch Biral pumps in full flow. All products for open-systems are installed in a large transparent tank. Functions and processes can be followed and understood from right up close. A variety of clearly instructive circulation models demonstrate basic principles and particular features of heating and drinking water systems.

Campus is practice

The Campus is a unique experience. With this platform, we generate significant added value in terms of knowledge relating to energy, technology and the use of pumps. In our courses and training programmes, we offer vocational, technical and engineering colleagues access to the latest knowledge in the pump industry – the Biral Campus educates educators and installers.

Campus is progress

Correct dimensioning of pumps: at the Campus we provide qualification and training for technical staff in the fields of heating installation, sanitary system planning and building services planning. The courses can be tailored specifically for the attendees. Our courses are unique and provide an extensive insight into the pump industry.