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Changeover from Biral Remote to Biral ONE App


From September 2023, Biral will only offer the active Biral ONE app. All networked Biral products can be connected to this central app.

The Biral ONE App has been on the market since 2019 and includes the following functions/benefits: 

  • Live monitoring of the product
  • Configuration of the product
  • Error and event log
  • Access to the Biral document database
  • Pump replacement

The Biral Remote App will be removed from the download stores (iOS/Android) at the end of September 2023.

There are two solutions so that older pumps can still be connected to the smartphone:

1. continue to use the Biral Remote App

  • Although the app will no longer be available in the stores from September 2023, it can still be used on devices that have the app installed. However, there will be no more updates. If you switch to a new device, the Biral Remote app will no longer be downloadable from the store.

2. Switching to the Biral Remote Adapter 2

  • If you have connected to our pumps in the past with the Biral Remote App via Biral Remote Adapter 1 (older pumps without Bluetooth see drawing below: "up until September 2023"), the Remote Adapter 2 must be used again with the Biral ONE App. 
  • In order not to inconvenience you with the change to the Biral ONE App, we will send you a Remote Adapter 2 worth CHF 400 free of charge until 31.03.2024 (max. 1 adapter per person). If required, send us your name, company and address to and we will send you the adapter as quickly as possible.

New pumps will also be able to establish a direct connection to the smartphone in the future without the use of a remote adapter.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the sales representative responsible for you.

We hope you enjoy using the Biral ONE App.

Your Biral Team