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Photovoltaic system


Biral scores with solar power – for a sustainable future

Biral AG together with InfraWerkeMünsingen are installing a photovoltaic system of around 3600 m2 on the Biral roof. Half of the electricity produced will supply Biral and half will be used for InfraWerkeMünsingen's InfraOrange electricity.

Energy contracting
The pump manufacturer Biral AG has manufactured cutting-edge pumps for domestic use, utility companies and industry since 1919. Its headquarters and the majority of production are based at Südstrasse 10 in Münsingen, Switzerland. The company intends to install a large photovoltaic sys-tem on its roof. The system is being implemented by InfraWerkeMünsingen, in the form of energy contracting. This means that InfraWerkeMünsingen takes care of all the technical and financial con-cerns for the solar power plant, ranging from its design, to planning, financing, implementation and operation though to maintenance throughout the service life of the plant. The solar power is sup-plied at a price defined in advance. For Biral, the calculation is therefore very simple, with no need to worry about anything else.

Münsingen's largest plant
The photovoltaic system will have an area of around 3600 square metres. Its peak performance is 717 kilowatts and the annual electricity yield is expected to be around 800,000 kilowatt hours, mak-ing it the largest photovoltaic system in Münsingen. Around half the electricity produced by the plant is needed to supply Biral. The rest is fed into the IWM power grid and sold as part of the In-fraOrange electricity product.

Construction is expected to start in late summer 2021, with commissioning around the end of 2021.