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PumpSelector 5


Simplest ever pump design

You’re guaranteed to be impressed by the new Biral PumpSelector 5. Besides its new and intuitive operating concept, the software also stands out for its new functions, including QuickSearch and a pump comparison facility, as well as its improved project management.

You can choose between hydraulic selection, direct pump selection and search based on item number or name. Biral PumpSelector 5 features the new QuickSearch function, which enables you to find the ideal pump more quickly, directly from the homepage. With the integration of pump selection and configuration, this simplified selection process is now even faster. A qualified operating point-based pump selection can be carried out in just a few steps, without the inconvenience of multiple dialogue boxes.

What’s unique to the Biral PumpSelector 5 is the combination of PumpSelector and PumpConfigurator. This gives you a constant overview of all the different pumps that match your operating data, which means you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in just a few steps. The influence of the selected components on the pump characteristic lines is visualised without you having to switch between different screens.This enables you to make a selection based on overall life cycle costs for configurable products.

What’s new:
+     Innovative, intuitive operating concept
+     Same user interface for web and desktop versions (desktop version to follow)
+     QuickSearch for even faster selection based on the operating point
+     Pump comparison
+     Flexible user rights system
+     Improved project management

Pump selection
The user-specific product data stored in the database program is linked logically to predefined selection parameters and calculation methods during the selection process to ensure that you are presented with pumps that meet your specifications. You have various options for selecting the right pump.


 Here you find the detailed introduction to the new Biral PumpSelector 5.

PumpSelector 5