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New PumpSelector update


Version 3.22 of the pump selection program is now available to download.

This means that you can bring the version you currently have installed to the most up-to-date data level with little effort, without having to order a new CD from Biral.


  • New circulation pump catalogue
  • Module A 40-4 expanded
  • AX...BLUE and AX...RED available everywhere
  • UniBox 6 available
  • Entire range of lifting systems updated
  • Bug fixes

Proceed as follows to update your version:

  1. Launch your PumpSelector.
  2. Click on the button "Data update via Internet" in your program.
  3. The program looks for an up-to-date version and displays it in a dialog window.
  4. Select the required update – usually only one update is available; if this is not the case, highlight one after the other, starting from the top, and install these.
  5. After downloading the data, you will be asked: "Should the updated data be imported now?" - Click on "YES". This completes the update.


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