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Largest photovoltaic system in Münsingen (Switzerland)

The largest photovoltaic system in Münsingen has been running on the roof of Biral AG since October 2022. This fantastic project was realised in cooperation with InfraWerkeMünsingen. With a total of 2,040 photovoltaic modules installed, the solar effective area extends to an impressive 3,413 square metres. This impressive system supplies around 720,000 kWh of electricity annually. In comparison, this could supply over 260 two-person households annually.
In June 2023, we were able to cover 65% of our electricity needs with the photovoltaic system and feed an additional 46,000kWh of solar energy into the InfraWerkeMünsingen grid. By using this solar energy, Biral will save approximately 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions in June 2023. Solar energy allows us to make a nice contribution to sustainability and environmental protection. The installation of the largest photovoltaic system in Münsingen is a milestone for Biral and clearly shows that renewable energy can not only be environmentally friendly, but also economically profitable.
We hope that we will also inspire other companies and communities to strive for the transition to clean energy.